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Twitter HQ moving to Schwertner, Texas?

Austinite Elon Musk has $43B Twitter offer accepted and Williamson County rancher Jim Schwertner offers 100-acres for Twitter HQ, Official offer submitted thru a Tweet of course!.

There is zero-point-zero percent chance Elon takes that offer. He obviously isn't hurting for acreage as he owns somewhere between 2,500 - 3,500 acres east of Austin that he could build a huge Twitter HQ on if desired. Jim's HQ land offer has went a little viral and is interesting as it really reinforces just how much developable land is surrounding Austin.

Just in the last year almost 80,000 acres in the Austin MSA has been in the news, and that's just across 7 properties. There are surely several other large mega tracts around Austin but here is a quick rundown of the highest profile ones.

  • 20,000 Acres - Jim Schwertner offered to carve out the the tiny 100 acre site from his massive 20K acre Schwertner Farms property just northeast of Georgetown. Gov. Abbot even tweeted he would rename it Twitter, Texas.

  • 3,000 Acres - Elon and Tesla have the previously mentioned 3K+ acres where the Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo grand opening party just took place.

  • 2,100 Acres - Dog's Head, named after the dog head shape formed by the Colorado River near Austin's ABIA airport received approval for a Municipal Utility District last summer in the Texas Legislature. This is a huge first step of many for Endeavor to begin a decades long process of redeveloping the current ranches and mining operations.

  • 3,500 Acres - Chem Energy Corp announced last fall a large solar farm and energy storage facility on 3.5K acres near Uhland, Texas.

  • 7,000 Acres - Robinson Ranch is definitely the crown jewel of future developments in the Austin area with 8K acres of contiguous undeveloped land in heart of north Austin with direct access to Mopac, Toll 45 and Parmer Lane. Robinson Ranch was recently in the news for selling off a 184 acre tract in Round Rock for and Amazon distribution center. This is in addition to the 126 acre parcel sold in 2018 for an Apple campus.

  • 31,000 Acres - The 31K acre former Alcoa aluminum mining facility in Rockdale was sold for $240M to SLR Property/Xebec. The property will continue to house the largest bitcoin mining operations in the US but will also provide adequate water supply to Samsung's new chip plant in nearby Taylor.

  • 9,000 Acres - Salara Ranch north of Jarrell, Texas was sold last year with purchasing group rumored to have ties to Disney. Though no announcements have been made so far., sounds like whoever is involved it could be a huge senior living master planned community.

The 120 square miles of developable land across just these 7 parcels surrounding Austin is equal to 1/3 of the total land that makes up the Austin City Limits. As they say, Everything is Bigger in Texas and Austin specifically is located at an unbelievable intersection of Hill Country and Farm Land. Many feel if infrastructure can be put in place Austin's growth potential is almost unlimited!

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