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Project Deaths by Lumber Increasing

Early on in Covid pandemic toilet paper was no where to be found, now Covid related lumber shortages and increased pricing is causing much heartburn for builders.

Rising costs are quickly affecting area developments including 2 house projects just in my neighborhood. I'm sure this is being repeated across the country but 2 foundations near my house were completed in January, sat thru the snowpocalypse but have been sitting vacant awaiting lumber delivery to start framing. I assume like everyone else they are waiting for lower lumber prices to afford to finish the build.

It has to be frustrating for the builder/owner but I don't feel too bad as they have more than made up for the increased lumber costs with the rising home values.

How are lumber and other material shortages affecting your projects?

Anyone want to go in with me and invest in lumber or is Dogecoin still where it's at?

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