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New Austin Developments in for Approval (8/8 - 8/12)

Austin goes from darling of the US to latest city to bash as overpriced in ''Best Of' lists but there's still phenomenally positive things to look forward to and be proud of.

Austin can still be the 'Next Austin' & LinkedGlenn is scouring the interwebs weekly to show most exciting projects submitted for site permit approval. Obviously getting full city approval will delay these projects ground breaking till 2023 but huge things are still ahead for Austin!

Kramer Lane Multifamily - Hill Partners - 2631 Kramer Ln

Clean Scapes landscaping moved to new HQ location at the old Kiddie Acres in N Austin and now a multifamily site permit has been submitted for their previous location at Burnet Rd & Kramer Ln. Being inside the North Burnet Gateway zoning boundaries adjacent to the Domain look for this 2.89-acre site to have some substantial height.

Medical Oaks Pavilion Phase 5 - 12221 Renfert Way

Just down the street from the Domain a new 4 Level 100K SF building and 4 level parking garage is being permitted for a 5th multi-tenant medical office building in Medical Oaks Pavilion area at St. David's North Austin Medical Center.

Voice of the Cornerstone Church - 201 W 4th St

Voices of the Cornerstone Church was involved in what might turn out to be a critical lawsuit in the redevelopment of East Austin, VOICE OF CORNERSTONE CHURCH CORPORATION v. PIZZA PROPERTY PARTNERS and definitely one of the most interesting titled lawsuit in real estate history. The Lawsuit found the church was violating a restrictive covenant Exxon had put in place at their old Tank farm property that is now becoming the massive Springdale Green 'speculative' office development Jay Paul is building.

Voices of the Cornerstone Church apparently took proceeds from the Springdale site sale and purchased a massive 140-acre tract near Circuit of the Americas race track and currently permitting for a Church Compound per new site/zoning application.

Perch Manor Downs Phase 2 - 9309 Hill Ln

A 13-acre site next to the historic Manor Downs horse race track, which is slated for an industrial development, has a site permit submitted for a multifamily development, likely build-to-rent. This newly submitted site will be phase 2 of Good + West Residential's Perch Manor Downs development.

Plaza Volente Residential - 11205 N FM 620

CSW Development looks to be gearing up for a 34.35-acre multifamily development along FM 620 near Anderson Lane in North Austin near Cedar Park boundaries. Not much else is know about this project at a former landscaping material yard but with an HEB next door and a driving range across the street it was only a matter of time before the long vacant site was developed. Will be good to see how many units the site can accommodate as housing in the area is still in high demand.

Plaza Volente has no relation to Volente Beach waterpark but be on the look out for details of a LinkedGlenn Charity Sandcastle Competition at Volente Beach Sept. 24. Start gathering your team and shovels for an amazing Saturday to wind down the summer!

Stay tuned next week for an update on the best project site permits submitted this week!

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