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New Austin Developments in for Approval (6/27 - 7/1)

Austin has gone from the darling of the US to the latest city to bash as overpriced in current ''Best Of' lists but there is still a metric ton of phenomenally positive things to look forward to and be proud of.

To help show Austin can still be the 'Next Austin', LinkedGlenn is scouring the interwebs every week to update on the most exciting projects submitting to the city for site permit approval. Obviously with the well known challenges in getting full city approval these project won't break ground till 2023 but huge things are still ahead for Austin!

TESLA Production Support Area - 12733 Tesla Rd

Permits continue to fly out at the Tesla Gigafactory with a new site permit submitted for another 68-acres for new industrial use facility with a working title 'production support area'. As rumored Model Y production continues to ramp up, pumping out almost 1,000 units a week, look for more support facilities to be required to carry out Elon's master plan for the Austin mega facility.

Plane K Kantina - 1516 S Lamar

Planet K's 'Keep Austin Weird' shop on S Lamar currently includes Planet K headshop, South Austin Popular Culture Center, Planet K Post Office and now is in for permit of Planet K Kantina which requires a Conditional Use Permit for serving alcohol at the Kantina. Will a CBD Margarita soon be on the menu?

McNair Redevelopment - 6901 N Lamar

Austin's Landmark Building is slated to be demolished and no one cares. Landmark Building is just the name of a 55 year old multi-tenant building at N Lamar and Airport Blvd currently in for permit to convert this 2.26-acre site to a mixed-use development. The scope of the new project is unknown but most interesting will be to see how much or little parking is included as it sits next to a rail stop of current CapMetro Redline rail station and also a Project Connect Orange rail line stop is planned at the intersection. Fingers crossed this development is something to get the ball rolling for North Lamar!

Airport Gateway Apartments - 3335 Caseybridge Ct.

A 40-acre multifamily section of a larger Airport Gateway development off Ben White Blvd. looks ready to move into development with recent site permit submitted. That large of a parcel could house upwards of 400 units which would be good for that area of town but most interesting is the site's neighbor to the south, the Ramp of Mystery. In keeping with the mystery I will leave it up to you to find out what the Ramp of Mystery is all about.

Del Valle Early College High School - 4701 Ross Rd

Del Valle ISD has submitted site permit application for a new Early College High School (ECHS) campus on a 49-acre site just off Hwy 71 next to existing Del Valle High School campus. Del Valle ECHS was established in 2015-2016 school year and is currently housed inside Del Valle High School. The Early College High School offers students rigorous coursework in high school and college. This enables students to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree from Austin Community College at no cost to the student or their family.

With Tesla and Elon already working with Del Valle and ACC providing Gigafactory opportunities for high school graduates, this new ECHS campus should provide even more great opportunities.

New Residential Fourplex Facility Site Plan - 8406 Riverstone Dr

**MISSING MIDDLE HOUSING ALERT** .25-acre greenfield site near Travis County Expo Center in for permitting for a four-plex. To fit in with the neighbors the design will probably not be anything to write home about but it is worth reporting that entry level housing is still being built in Austin.

Stay tuned next week for an update on the best project site permits submitted this week!

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