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New Austin Developments in for Approval (6/20 - 6/24)

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

With incredible rising home prices over the pandemic, Austin went from the darling of the country to the latest city to bash as overpriced in a lot of recent ''Best Of' lists but there is still a lot of phenomenally positive things to look forward to and be proud of.

To help show Austin can still be the 'Next Austin', LinkedGlenn will continue to scour the interwebs for you every week an update you on the most exciting projects submitting to the city for site permit approval. Obviously with the well known challenges in getting full city approval these project likely won't break ground till late 2023 but exciting things ahead for Austin!

Block 32 "The Railyard" - 304 E 3rd St

Site permit submitted for .81-acre CBD site between 3rd & 4th St and Trinity & Brazos, just west of existing Austin Convention Center. This 2 block parcel was previously hoped to house a convention center expansion but due to incredible land value, City of Austin's plans have changed and developer Karlin is continuing to move forward with a 2 tower hi-rise project named 'The Railyard' that based on their website will be a '1.7 million square foot development located in Downtown Austin’s central business district and consisting of office, residential and hospitality space.

Colorado River Connector Tunnel - 12733 Tesla Rd

Elon Musk's The Boring Company has submitted a permit for a 'private access tunnel' at 12733 Tesla Rd which Google Maps shows to be east of Toll 130 but the permit references owner Jared Birch and 'Horse Ranch LLC' which are the Tesla entity that purchased a tract of land south of the Giga Factory on the other side of the Colorado River. LinkedGlenn is hypothesizing a tunnel underneath the river but with no real info it is all speculation.

THC 4th and Colorado - 201 W 4th St

THC 4th and Colorado is not a downtown Austin marijuana dispensary, stands for The Hanover Co. who has applied to demolish old warehouse structures zoned cocktail lounges after receiving approval from the Historic Commission. Longtime LGBTQ nightclub Oil Can Harry's is expected to receive a long term discounted lease to continue to occupy the street level space at the base of what is assumed to be a new residential downtown tower. This permit is just for demolition with building site permit application expected separately that likely will require the rebuilding of the historical warehouse brick facades only with a shiny tower above.

12706 Harris Branch Parkway

Dallas based developer Still Water Capital has submitted a site permit for a 12.3-acre multifamily development near the existing Samsung facility on Parmer lane. The large greenfield site should accommodate hundreds of desperately needed housing units. No word yet if this project will be a partnership with Dubai-based development group Sweid & Sweid as their last project, Double Creek II, was.

2809 Longhorn Boulevard

An old industrial office building at 2809 Longhorn Blvd has a site application in to demo the existing building and rebuild with a multifamily development. The 1.64-acre site location, while close to the Domain and Q2 Stadium, is not that exciting except for being close neighbors to LinkedGlenn's BoomATX podcast studio. No word yet on developer but you can bet this one will be followed closely!

TGSACA New Church Building - 2913 Ferguson Lane

The Good Shepard Anglican Church of Austin has submitted a permit to build a new 'religious building' on a 2-acre vacant site in an industrial area in South Austin. At 10K SF, this might not be a Joel Osteen size mega church but good to see diversity in project types being proposed in Austin.

1204 Comal Street - Hurdle House

1204 Comal Street is the location of the historic Hurdle House and a permit has been submitted to renovate the residential structure and be used as an office space. Isaiah Quit Hurdle was an African-American minister and public school educator including President of the Colored Teachers State Association of Texas (CTSAT) and Principal of Kealing Junior High School and Clarksville School, an honors school for black students until his retirement in 1954. As an important structure in the East 12 Street it will be interesting to see what office tenant might inhabit the newly renovated space.

Cross Creek Hospital Bed Addition - 8402 Cross Park Dr.

Cross Creek Hospital is an existing 90 bed, behavioral health treatment center that provides inpatient treatment services for individuals who are struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues located in NE Austin. Last expanded in 2016, a new addition would add to their current employee count of around 200 and allow for serving more of those in need from around Central Texas.

Stay tuned next week for an update on the best project site permits submitted this week!

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