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Is Waco Becoming a mini-BOOMTOWN?

Not sure if 100% contributed to Chip and Jo-Jo's shiplapped fame but Waco has become quite the impressive economic driving destination over the last few years. Some of the amazing area highlights include:

  • Gaines' Magnolia Market drawing about as many guests as The Alamo annually

  • Waco's Baylor Bears became the 2021 NCAA Men's Basketball Champions

  • World's Longest Lazy River and the coolest in-land surf park in Texas

  • Recently opened and one of the first single-story TopGolf facilities

  • Camron Zoo that makes Austin's rescue facility look like a drug dealer's backyard

  • Waco Mammoth National Monument dedicated to the prehistoric elephants - In Austin we simply dug up our Mastodons and built an office building on Congress.

Now they can add a huge rocket manufacturing facility capable of producing 800-1,000 rockets per year in near-by McGregor thanks to Elon Musk and his SpaceX company hoping to eventually colonize Mars.

That’s about what’s needed over ten years to create the fleet to build a self-sustaining city on Mars. City itself probably takes roughly 20 years, so hopefully it is built by ~2050" - Elon Musk

The existing SpaceX facility is located on 4,280-acres of leased property 20 minutes West of Waco and employs around 500 people testing rocket engines. Employment is expected to skyrocket now that the facility will also transition to rocket production.

Many wondered why the production facility wouldn't be built at it's Bocca Chica "Starbase" facility to which Musk responded, "The challenges of operating at Starbase left us with no choice but to put engine production in McGregor," whatever that means.

Congrats to Waco and McGregor for this huge economic win. Might we now start talking about a Waco to San Antonio Corridor? Which we all know really means Austin!

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