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Is the Future in Austin, Texas?

LA TImes just released an article entitled "Silicon Valley’s tech monopoly is over. Is the future in Austin, Texas?" The answer of course is YES and nothing new in the article surround why people are leaving California and headed to Austin but one paragraph really stuck out to me:

For years, California has suffered a net out-migration of people to Texas. But the losses in population tended to be at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale and the state has grown steadily richer despite the large outflows of people. What worries some economists and other analysts is that this favorable pattern may be starting to change.

Sounds like California was more than willing to have their poor residents leave for Texas but only now that the

ir billionaires are heading East is it worrisome?

Obviously Silicon Valley is going to remain a 'thing' for years to come but now they are not the only game in town anymore. Austin is hot on their heels and growing like a weed.... not that kind of weed, yet!

Link to LA TImes article:

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