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Austin Camping Ban Prop B Brings Out the Tweets

Saturday is election day in Austin and the much debated issue of reinstating the camping ban is the most talked about of the 8 propositions on the mid-term election. The heated rhetoric from elected officials has made its way to Twitter and I don't think it is helping drive a civil discussion.

Was Mayor Adler calling out Gov. Abbott in his tweet?

Below is the actual language on the ballot:

Shall an ordinance be adopted that would create a criminal offense and a penalty for sitting or lying down on a public sidewalk or sleeping outdoors in and near the downtown area around the University of Texas campus; create a criminal offense and penalty for solicitation, defined as requesting money or another thing of value, at specific hours and locations or for solicitation in a public area that is deemed aggressive in manner; create a criminal offense and penalty for camping in any public area not designated by the Parks and Recreation Department?

Anyone want to wager a prop B bet.... see what I did there?

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